Office Policy Guidelines 2024

  • Company Project and Client Name Confidential:

    • All information related to company projects and client names must be kept strictly confidential. Unauthorised disclosure of such information is prohibited.

  • Hide the Client's Name with Friends and Others

    • Employees must not disclose the names of clients to friends, family, or any external parties to maintain confidentiality and protect client privacy.

  • Website Restrictions in Office

  • Access to certain websites, such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, LinkedIn, Rozee, and YouTube, is prohibited during office hours. A detailed list of restricted websites will be provided to ensure compliance below:
  • Streaming Services (e.g., Netflix, Hulu)
  • Gaming Websites (e.g., Steam, online gaming portals)
  • Adult Content Sites
  • Social Media Sites (e.g., Facebook,Liked in , Twitter, Instagram, tiktok, snapchat)
  • (or any crypto site)
  • Movie Download Sites
  • Rozee or any web related to job or project hunting
  • Code and Project Ownership

    • All code and projects developed within the company are the sole property of the company. Employees are not permitted to sell, resell, or share any code or project materials with others, including teammates, without explicit authorization.

  • Focus on Work

    • Maintaining focus on work is essential. Employees are expected to dedicate their full attention to their tasks and responsibilities, setting an example of commitment and productivity.

  • Zero Tolerance for Policy Violations

    • The company enforces a zero-tolerance policy for any breaches of these rules. Violations will result in immediate disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.

Note: Violation of guidelines will result in a warning for the first instance, followed by penalties, termination, or dismissal via email.

  1. Apply for leave through the portal only. Approved leave can be availed of; for approval, follow up with TH/AS/SA/JA. Unapproved leave will be unpaid.
  2. Leave without approval is permitted in emergencies (accidents, family deaths).
  3. Sick leave exceeding 1 day requires a medical certificate.
  4. Check in before checking out.
  5. Website check-in and check-out [pending].
  6. Weekend or holiday work is paid at 1.5 times the current salary [NWDA].
  7. Break down tasks into subtasks and share updates in relevant groups.
  8. Joining the office late or leaving early without approval will be marked as half-day leave.
  9. Internship duration is 1-3 months; continuation depends on progress in the first 3 months.
  10. Team members must verify the code after uploading it to the live site; add the date and time on the login page.
  11. Check-in without being present in the office will be considered a day of leave.
  12. Total unpaid leaves are limited to 13 for all resources; exceeding this limit will result in salary deduction.
  13. If resources take Saturday and Monday off, it will be considered three leaves (the burger concept).
  14. Full-time resources can claim annual leaves through mutual discussion with the line manager.
  15. Freelancing, jobs, and social media use are not allowed during working hours, except for the Future Minutes channel for development-related videos.
  16. Salary and stipend transactions occur between the 1st and 10th of each month. Contact if it is not received by the 10th.


Office Protocol and Guidelines for Efficient Workflow and Team Coordination

  1. Attendance marked in the WhatsApp group (checked in with your name, checked out with your name). A daily timesheet with project progress updates.
  2. Adhere to specified intervals for Namaz/Breaks; no delays. Jumma Break from 1:00–2:30; regular break from 1:20–2:20.
  3. Track meetings, calls, and backtasks in groups and save numbers in the contact list.
  4. Daily code check-in; ensure no pending changes in any project.
  5. Take off or take short leave if unwell; no sleeping during office hours.
  6. No smoking during office hours.
  7. Two months' notice period for termination, from both the developer and company.
  8. The internship duration is 3 months.
  9. Keep your cell phone on silent during work hours; if on the desk, flip it back.
  10. Speak slowly during discussions.



  1. Do not answer client calls on personal numbers; recall from the official number and share details in the group.
  2. Report any client attempting dishonesty to management.
  3. Inform management of any personal tasks given or requested by clients to avoid misunderstandings.
  4. Team personal numbers are for group replies only; the company can provide a dedicated sim with balance if needed.
  5. Discuss lunch/kitchen/washroom matters privately; dedicated personnel will arrange lunch.
  6. The first or second Saturday of every month will be a holiday (suggestions).
  7. Add website or software inquiries to follow-ups and set the next follow-up with the client.
  8. Utilize namaz time for prayer instead of misuse.
  9. Only approved software is allowed in the office; downloading prohibited between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.


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