Team Guidelines 2020-2022

NOTE!  if you anyone voilate the guideline he will get one Warnig and next will be penalty/ Termination/Fire Email.



1) In Pre plan/Sudden leave inform Managment via email (NO SMS please) . inform earlier as much as possible.  or send email before office timing.

2) If Join office late or leave early more than 10 minuts, or away from your seat more than 15 minuts  (Send Email) at


3) Mark attednace in whatspp group Checked in - your name , checked out - your name.

Daily timesheet with Title  Dec042018-9 | Dec042018-8 | Dec042018

Keep update with progress of project, share delay reason.


4) Please offer Namaz/Break-in specified interval(DECIDED MUSJID) NO DELAY [Jumma Break 01:00-2:30]  [Break 1:20:2:20]

5) Track meetings/CALL/BACK task in groups/followup, save the number in the contact list of phone

6) Daily code check-in promote files+DB etc

  no pending / promote change remain any project

7) if not fine, you can take off or short leave, but dont sleep on table/chairs/sofa in office timing.

8) Smoking not allowed in office timing

9) Code checkin/promote/get latest voilation

10) Notifice/Fire period will be 2 month from both end.Developer/Compnay

11) Intership duration will be 3 month

12) Your cell must be in silent while on job

13) voice is must be slow during discussion


************************* MISC***********


1) Dont pick client call on personal number, if someone call, re-call from offical number.

 whatever client says, share in group,if issue add in github and share in skype.



2) If any client try to cheat then share with managment without any hesitation, it will be keep secret.

 in back days, many doubets were raised between us and our  X employee


3) if any client or existing client/old client, give/request some task or some personal task share with management

to avoid doubets, these types of miner action lead dis-honesty.


4) Team personal numbers are only added in whatsapp group just for reply of any concern, if someone call 

 you directly just ignore and send message, talk to you as back in office. if force then inform its policy.

 if you need, compnay can arrange sim with balance for you with Nokia Set


5) For lunch / kithen  /washroom  , please dont disucss openly,it looks very cheap. on fixed time decicated  person will arrange the lunch.

6) First/Second Satruday of every month will be Holiday(SUGGESTIONS)

7) Regarding website/software enquiry please add in followup (Enquiry) set next followup with the client

8) if any one out for Namaz, he must offer namaz instead of missuse of namaz time.

9)  software allowed in office

1- ms office
2- visual studio
3- ms sql server
4- skype
5- anydesk/team viwer

6- Video download / Any type of downloader not allowed

7- Movie downloading not allowed with in  9am-6:00PM




*********************************Avoid DRY  DRY DRY DRY DRY DRY*******************************







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